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Ronnie Aldrich

  • Born 15 February 1916, Erith, United Kingdom
  • Died 30 September 1993

England's one-man answer to Ferrante and Teicher, Aldrich churned out a steady stream of albums featuring his "Twin Pianos" for London's Phase 4 label, starting in 1961--most of them no more distinguished than F&T's post-"prepared piano" recordings. Alrich studied at the Guildhall School of Music in London and played and arranged for the RAF Dance Orchestra during World War Two. After the war, he remained associated with the group as it mutated into "The Squadronaires" and became one of the most popular groups in England. Aldrich eventually became the band's leader and conductor, and stayed in that role until the group dissolved in 1964. He also worked as musical director for Thames Television.

Aldrich's albums are usually pretty lame--er, tame--but if you haven't heard one, it's worth spending up to three bucks to own your own little bit of authentic 60s experience. Not the Haight-Ashbury-Woodstock-Jimi Hendrix kind of experience, but the experience most people had. Put on Ronnie's take on "Music to Watch Girls By" and you can imagine yourself strolling down the aisle at the A&P or shopping for school clothes at J.C. Penney. Or riding an elevator to your dad's office. Or waiting at the Omaha Airport. Who needs Eastern philosophy to get blissed out?


  • Melody and Percussion for Two Pianos, London Phase 4 SP-44007
  • Ronnie Aldrich and His Two Pianos, London Phase 4 SP-44018
  • The Magnificent Pianos of Ronnie Aldrich, London Phase 4 SP-44029
  • The Romantic Pianos of Ronnie Aldrich, London Phase 4 SP-44042
  • Christmas with Ronnie Aldrich. London Phase 4 SP-44051
  • Magic Moods of Ronnie Aldrich, London Phase 4 SP-44062
  • That Aldrich Feeling, London Phase 4 SP-44070
  • All Time Piano Hits, London Phase 4 SP-44081
  • Two Pianos in Hollywood, London Phase 4 SP-44092
  • Two Pianos Today!, London Phase 4 SP-44100
  • For Young Lovers, London Phase 4 SP 44108
  • This Way "In," London Phase 4 SP-44116
  • Its Happening Now, London Phase 4 SP-44127
  • Destination Love, London Phase 4 SP 44135
  • Here Come the Hits!, London Phase 4 SP-44143
  • Love Story, London Phase 4 SP-44162
  • Invitation To Love, London Phase 4 SP-44176
  • Come to Where the Love Is, London Phase 4 SP 44190
  • Soft And Wicked, London Phase 4 SP-44195
  • Top of the World, London Phase 4 SP-44203
  • The Way We Were, London Phase 4 SP 44209
  • In the Gentle Hours, London Phase 4 SP-44221
  • Love, London Phase 4 SP 44253
  • Reflections, London Phase 4 SP-44264
  • Webb Country, London Phase 4 SP-44278
  • Evergreen, London Phase 4 SP-44286
  • Melodies from the Classics, London Phase 4 SP-44300
  • Emotions, London Phase 4 SP-44310
  • Close to You, London H-17156
  • Soft & Wicked, London H-17195
  • One Fine Day, Amberjack 902 81

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