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Ray Anthony

  • Born Raymond Antonini, 20 January 1922, Bentleyville, Pennsylvania

Ray Anthony took decent trumpet chops, Cary Grant-like looks, and a relentless energy for self-promotion and turned them into a long and prosperous series of music business enterprises. Anthony began leading his own big band in the western Pennsylvania area before being snatched up by Glenn Miller at the height of the Miller Band's popularity. During World War II, Anthony joined the Navy and led his own band, touring and entertaining troops throughout the Pacific for several years.

After returning from the war, Anthony formed his own big band and battled for business in a diminishing market. His biggest hit came in 1954, when, after bugging Jack Webb for months to get him to release the recording rights, he recorded a cover of the theme to Webb's cop show, Dragnet. He also earned a Top 10 hit with a dance tune that sparked a craze even shorter-lived than the Macarena: The Bunny Hop. Anthony's rockin' cover of "Peter Gunn" was the probably the best-selling single recording of that tune.

Anthony also won a place in the hearts of exotica lovers by marrying buxom B-movie queen Mamie Van Doren. Anthony was a real entrepeneur, running a web of businesses that included a music publishing house, contracted bands (he bought out Billy May's short-lived big band when it folded), an a nightclub in Hollywood. Anthony was also a regular of the Las Vegas circuit, with an act that featured a stand-up comedian and a line of girl singers that included Vicki Carr at one time.

Anthony eventually broke up his big band and settled down to work in Vegas and elsewhere with smaller combos. He continues to run his own label, Aerospace, which reissues his recordings as well as those of Glenn Miller and Billy May. You can reach him for phone orders at 1-800-845-2263.


  • Houseparty Hop, Capitol T 292
  • Campus Rumpus, Capitol T 362
  • Young Man With a Horn, Capitol T 373
  • Concert, Capitol T 406
  • Arthur Murray Swing Foxtrots, Capitol T 546
  • Golden Horn, Capitol T 563
  • Arthur Murray Favorites - Fox Trots, Capitol H 528 (10-inch)
  • Swingin' on Campus, Capitol T 645
  • Standards by Ray Anthony, Capitol T 663
  • Big Band Dixieland Capitol T678
  • Plays for Dream Dancing, Capitol T 723
  • Jam Session at the Tower, Capitol T 749
  • Plays for Dancers in Love, Capitol T 786
  • Plays For Star Dancing, Capitol T 831
  • Young Ideas, Capitol T 866
  • Dream Girl, Capitol T 969
  • Dancing Over the Waves, Capitol T 1028
  • Anthony Plays [Steve] Allen, Capitol T 1086
  • Anthony Italiano, Capitol T 1149
  • Sound Spectacular, Capitol T 1200
  • More Dream Dancing, Capitol T 1252
  • Like Wild!, Capitol T 1304
  • Dancing Alone Together, Capitol ST 1420
  • The New Ray Anthony Show, Capitol T 1421
  • That's Show Biz, Capitol T 1496
  • Swing, Dance, Dream to the Unsinkable Molly Brown, Capitol T 1576
  • Dream Dancing Medley, Capitol T 1608
  • The Twist!, Capitol T 1668
  • Worried Mind: The Soul of Country/Western Blues, Capitol T 1752
  • I Almost Lost My Mind, Capitol T 1783
  • Smash Hits Of '63, Capitol ST 1917
  • Charade and Other Top Themes, Capitol T 2043
  • My Love, Forgive Me, Capitol ST 2150
  • Swim, Swim, C'mon & Swim, Capitol ST 2188
  • Dream Dancing Today, Capitol ST 2457
  • Today's Trumpet, Capitol ST 2750
  • Lo Mucho Que Te Quiero, Ranwood R8046
  • Great Country Music Hits, Ranwood R8059
  • I Get the Blues When It Rains, Ranwood R8062
  • Direction '71/My Sweet Lord, Ranwood R8078
  • Great Golden Hits, Ranwood R8153
  • Dancing in the Dark, Aerospace RA 995
  • Swingin' at the Tower, Aerospace RA 996
  • Big Band Jazz, Aerospace RA 998
  • Dancer's Choice, Aerospace RA 1006
  • Dream Dancing Around the World, Aerospace RA 1007
  • Touch Dancing, Aerospace RA 1008
  • Swing, Aerospace RA 1010
  • Glenn Miller/Then and Now, Aerospace RA 1011
  • Hooked on Big Bands, Aerospace RA 1012
  • In the Miller Mood, Aerospace RACD 1036 (CD)
  • In the Miller Mood, Vol. II, Aerospace RACD 1037
  • Dream Dancing II, Aerospace RACD 1038
  • On Tour--Know That I need You, Blue Heaven BH1-104
  • I've Never Been in Love Before, Blue Heaven BH5-503
  • Sweet Beginnings, Blue Heaven BH8-804

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