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Santo and Johnny

  • Santo Farina--Born 24 Oct 1937
  • Johnny Farina--Born 30 Apr 1941
  • Both born in Brooklyn, New York

This brother steel guitar (Santo) and acoustic guitar (Johnny) duo made pop history with their timeless instrumental, "Sleep Walk." Taking up the guitar in their early teens, the brothers wrote and recorded "Sleep Walk" for Trinity Records, a local Brooklyn label. After the song got some local play, it was leased to a larger label, Canadian-American, which took it national. In August 1959, the song reached #1 on the Billboard Top 40 list. The brothers continued to record and perform until at least 1964. Mort Garson, later famed for his Moog albums, produced "Sleep Walk" and the brothers' first 6 albums.

To learn more about Santo and Johnny and their biggest hit, "Sleep Walk," check out the Sleep Walk website.


  • Santo & Johnny, Canadian American SCALP-1001
  • Sleep Walk (also released as Encore), Canadian American SCALP-1002
  • Hawaii, Canadian American SCALP-1004
  • Come On In, Canadian American SCALP-1006
  • Around the World, Canadian American SCALP-1008
  • Offshore, Canadian-American SCALP-1011
  • In the Still of the Night, Canadian-Americal SCALP-1014
  • Santo & Johnny Wish You Love, Canadian-American SCALP-1016
  • The Beatles Greatest Hits Played by Santo & Johnny, SCALP-1017
  • The Brilliant Guitar Sounds of Santo & Johnny, Imperial LP-12363
  • Golden Guitars, Imperial LP-12366
  • On the Road Again, Imperial LP 12418
  • The Best That Could Happen, Imperial LP-12435
  • The Original Recordings, Black Tulip 2636424

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