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Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 12:53:11 -0400 (EDT)
To: exotica@xmission.com
From: peterp@inch.com (Peter Principle)
Subject: (exotica) commercial musics

> >Jim Gerwitz wrote:
>> I also scored a
>> Campbell's Soup promo EZ compilation, most notable for Lester Lanin's
>> version of "M'm! M'm! GOOD!", starting out in a TJB mode, then on to mod
>> rock, and then a xylophone and bongo-filled finale. Good cover of mommy
>> and freckle-boy.

>This reminds me of an EP I have that was put out by Oscar Meyer.
>Basically it's six different versions of the "I Wish I Were An Oscar
>Meyer Wiener" song, done in different styles. Since it came out around
>1970, there's the mod rock version, the TJB version, the sultry sexy
>slow bossa version (w/ fake Brazil 66 vox- very nice), etc. Anyone else
>have this or others like it?

I've got a few of these, and a minute to spare... (I haven't read any digests since 158, but I am a list enthusiast)

Anyway, as this is an area in which there are few discographies (and in the hope that someday there will be a searchable option for the exotica archives so people can compile lists from the vast wealth of knowledge contributed by the esteemed polity here assembled) I offer these in no particular order.

1. "The Rheingold Beat, Music to Sell Beer By" the Stanley Krell Orchestra on Gotham Records LP GRC 8345 produced by Foote, Cone and Belding
This is an in house promotional pep talk to the sales force... 1 side is aimed at the white market and the other side is aimed at a spanish american demographic... the music is latinized and some of the copy is revealingly racist. The cover features a collage of beer images on the front in duotone and a B/W picture of Celeste Yarnall Miss Rheingold 1964 full screen on the back

2. "The Sound of Selling in the Sixties, the Years Most Effective Radio Commercials" Radio Advertising Bureau's Gold Record Winners 1963
This 10" EP on its own label is just what you would expect 12 national spots and 5 regional. winners include American Express Tavelers Cheques (Ogilvy, Benson and Mather), Kellogs (Leo Burnett Co.) General Motors and Coca Cola (both McCann Erikson) Cambells V-*, Mars Candy (both Needham Louis and Brorby) etc.

3. Lester Lanin and his Orchestra play "The Madison Avenue Beat"
Have fun listening and dancing to 58 radio and television commercial favorites... pretty self explanatory comes with an insert describing products and source music... everything from Anheuser Busch to Mr. Clean. on Epic LN 3796 cartoon on cover has exec in office with secretary on lap and cigar in hand... caption says "listen, their playing our song"

4. "Tune In and Turn On to the Hippest Commercials of the Sixties" by Benny Golson on Verve V?V6-8710
Rather good interpretations of Cool Whip, Right Any Time of the Day, the Swinger etc. this is definitely of interest to lounge fans. from the liner notes "Madison Avenue, capitol of the advertising industry, has emerged as the moist creative force in Show Business. Television commercials are now rated by critics as fresher and bolderr than the programs that surround them. These days, we head for the icebox during the show. We'de rather miss a shoot-out at the Bar-X ranch than miss a bar of Happiness Is. this in 1967.. reminds one of Mr. Joyboys mother and her enthusiastic scene in "the Loved One". This one has a very forward looking cover (looks just like a Kenny Scharf) and is produced by Tom Wilson who worked with Dylan and the Soft Machine to name a few...

5. "Music to Sell Bread By Tastee That Is"
An in house production on it's own label featuring 5 different Tastee Bread commercials and an instrumenatl version of one of them.
Again from the liner notes (sorry to be so verbose, but the copy reveals a lot about the industries perceptions of itself in these times... please beaar with me on this)

Any patron of the record shops these days is aware of the New Approach in Album Titles. They're very functional. For example, if you hate excercise, you can cater to your prejudice very pleasantly with a disc called "Music For Not Doing Pushups." If you happen to be a housewife overcome by the monotny of housework, you can gain strength from a disc called "Music to Watch the Maid Ironing By." (a certain limber fingered jazz-guitarest has entered the lists with an album titled, interestingly enough, "Music to Listen to a Certain Limber-Fingered Jazz Guitarest BY.") None, however, has been more hopefully conceived than the one you hold in your hand "Music to Sell Bread By." It's a record of the swingin'est session ever inspered by a loaf of bread. and dedicated to the proposition that a solid beat, a deft lyric, and a warm melody can do a lot to put our favorite bread over at the box office.
etc. and soforth for another couple of hundred words...

5. "Music to MAke Automobiles By..." put out by the public relations department of Volkswagon of America, Englewood Cliffs NJ
This is actually the soundtrack to an inhouse industrial film "The Right Hand of Plenty". The music is very swinging euro big band (by Hale Rood) and there are lots of machine sounds mixed in. this one is actually quite famous

6. "Bergstrom Paper presents Impressions In Color" by Bill Walker, produced by Advertisers Music Inc. at Universal Studios, Chicago Illinois 1967
a similar recording to that above in that it has 6 pieces of music that integrate machine sounds and music. "My first step," Walker explained, "was to tape the presses running at different speeds. We recorded them at 1800 impressions an hour and 8000 impressions, moving our microphones around each press to get different effects in stereo." The music is very Enoch Light/Lew Davies influenced with similar descriptive notes "rhythm pattern which suggests Rock-n-Roll may really have been derived from a Harris Offset LTV press. There is strong emphasis on the bottom sound produced by the bass harmonica and bass guitar contrasted with the harp, piccolo, vibraphone and piano" etc. Gorgeous gatefold sleeve

7. "Music Used In Many Popular Television Commercials" on Folkways Records FX 6109 of all labels!
A various artists comp that features expanded instrumental versions of commercial themes performed by the composers. includes Vic Flick "Guitarama" from a Coty Perfume spot for instance, as well as many auto product related commercials Zenith TV, Dannon Yogurt etc.

8. "The Name of the Game Is Go, The Pan Am Go Commercials" on Panam records
One side is 6 different american spots and a medley of foreign market ads, the other side features a long medley of collaged ad materials possibly from a short industrial film and 2 versions of "The Goin's Great" one by Sammy Davis Jr. and the other by Steve Allen. another gatefold sleeve includes all the copy to all the ads and many cartoon ads

9. "Buy, Buy, Buy" an in house sampler of Young and Rubicam spots from 1966
13 original spots for such divers clients as Gulf Oil, Tiparillo, Goodyear, Remington, White Owl (composed and played by John Barry Seven) etc. more Enoch Light alumnii on these bits... Dick Hyman, and Stan Freeman on keyboards for instance. from the liner notes yet again "Remington. the youngest piece of music on this record created for use in advertising the Selectro Shaver, the mood of this music was designed to tell a story without lyrics. Here, it is heard as a rocking Frug" also "Log Cabin the rarely heard sound of the ondioline is mated with percussion and a block string section to give us western'style rock. words like "Hully Gully" and "earthy insistant low down rock beat" aare liberally distributed throughout the very extensive liner notes/sales pitch.

10/11. And of course there are those Coca Cola in house records featuring so many famous pop groups doing Coke ads... I have an Australian one with the likes of Normie Rowe and the Playboys, Doug Parkinson, Brian Cadd, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, John Farrar and the Strangers, Glenn Sharrock and the Twilights, Larry's Rebels, the Groove, Sherbert and of course a bunch by the Easybeats, Little River Band etc., and another with Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Everly Bros and other american and english popstars which I think is currently available booted on a CD

thanx for reading and I hope this wasn't too long

cheers peter principle

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